Tuesday, December 23, 2008

super post.

dear readers,
i am going to start at the 18th. i went to get my tooth pulled. it was so gross! you know how a strawberry gets kinda fuzzy wen it goes bad? my tooth looked like that. wile i drove back from the dentists, i had to bite down on a cotton ball, and wen i got back, haley said i looked like fred wen he went to the dentist! i got two dollars for the tooth. and the next day, i went to the aquarium. they had the most beautiful beluga whales. the are white with a huge bump on there head. they were preforming for us. it was so cool! and there were moon jelly fish that changed colors. and there were these really weird worms peeking out of the sand and they were so weird!
and, i got to pet a stingray. they were so slimie! and we ate at chick fil-a for lunch. and wen we got home, we went to the dollar store. and on sunday i had christmas at my grandmas house. i got the best presents. and today i am going to the library and the store. bye!


Casey said...

sounds like fun...except for the tooth part. :)

taylor said...


EmilyCarolina said...

Yeah. You watch the fred videos? I think they're dumb.

taylor said...

really? thats why i like them.

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