Friday, December 26, 2008


dear readers,
on christmas i got, a dartboard, four books, pixos, a puzzle maker, a sticker maker, ear rings, a silver chain, a crystal making kit, a throwing star, a deal or no deal card game, a ds. game, a quilt you can knot together, a bedazzeler, a scratch magic set, a 96 crayon box, a teddy bear with a dress, a wooden doll you can color and stand up, some lipgloss, three chinese finger cuffs, some fake teeth, two tissue packs, a paddle ball, and my fav, a bank that wen you put a coin on top, it shakes, and a hand comes and grabes it! how cool!


Casey said...

cool. :)

taylor said...

thank you.

India said...

what about ur jumpping beans!?!

dont you want ppl to know about them to!

taylor said...

i did not get them for christmas.

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