Sunday, December 13, 2009


dear readers,
i hope you will forgive me for being all snappy back there. on other news, i have been miserable the past few days with what my good friend Annie thinks might be the flu. i have not been oinking, so i do not think it is the swine flu. my little sister has been a little series of unfortunate events herself. first she had the flu ( so i guess i got it from her) and then yesterday her friend Elena asked her too come too her birthday party in a wedding dress and she was trying too get it down from her closet by climbing and she fell. it looks really gross. and then wen she got too the party, Elena grabs her and hugs her really hard and picked her up, and she starts too cry, because she still hurts on her boo boo. and too make matters worse the cake was GROSS! but, while she was at the party, she lost her first tooth! i was so excited! of course i was at the peak of my sickness, so i could not come. well i gtg. bye!


MothraPrincess23 said...

hope you feel better =)

taylor said...

yep me too. did you get my e-mail?

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