Monday, November 9, 2009


dear readers,
i am sure that some of the Jonas brothers haters around will be happy too know that i do not like nick any more. no more future Mrs. nick Jonas.o other news, i am BIG time on webkinz these days. i have a little hippo named Alix, i big hippo named rose, a little elephant named crystal, and a crocodile named Kate. and for any new readers, my name is NOT Martha. that is the name of a kids TV show. and Casey, Haley ( my little sister) is listening to the worst music video ever that you posted, and she likes it! crazy right!? my little sister and i recently came across a can of shaving cream, and we covered the bathroom and ourselves in shaving cream! not fun too clean it up. i NEED comments! please humor me, and comment. i will be your best friend?
and now, i must bid you farewell, for i must get on webkinz! bye!

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