Thursday, August 6, 2009

oh, happy days are here again!

dear readers,
i just got home feom a trip to jasons deli, and they had a kind of free goodies there! we were with my dads friend mark, his two doughters, and one girls boyfriend. it was real good. my mom went to the hospital this morning, and had a test were they nock you out and stick a tube down your throat and take pictures. she slept all day! but she is ok now. i lost two teeth! one already has a nub growing in. i also went to the dentist, and drum roll please......... i have no cavities! they get a new dentist all the time! number four checked my teeth this time. i just fineshd a bokk called joni, that is about a girl hoo got paralysed from the neck down is a diveing acedent. it was real good. and grace, i wish i saw you at your concert! if you have one, could you post a video on your blog? well bye now!

p.s. i like peaches!


Mothra11 said...

Hi Taylor! I started middle school and it's soooo cool!

ps. I like peaches!!!!!!

taylor said...

good! you have got to call me sometime.

Mothra11 said...

Okay! What's your phone number again?

taylor said...

706-543-4474. what is your phone number?

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