Friday, July 3, 2009

pysanky eggs.

dear readers,
i have been taking a class at the library called pysanky eggs.
first you just have a empty duck egg shell , and you sketch out Wat you want on the egg, and wen you are done, you get this thing called a kistke and you put wax in the top, and melt it on a candle flame. then you draw with wax on top of what you drew on the shell. then you hold it in vinegar, and then plop it in some dye. say your first color was yellow, and it it was dry, then you would draw with wax on everything you want to be yellow on the egg. the you put it in the next color, and wen it is dry, you hold the egg up to a candle flame melt the wax, and wipe it off, until you got it all. then you put varnish int he palm of your hand and rub the egg all in it and then you stick a stick in the egg and put the stick in a jar, until it is dry. well here is my egg.


Mothra11 said...

I came out so pretty : )

Mothra11 said...

Taylor guess what! On youtube I'm friends with Fred!

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