Wednesday, May 27, 2009

oooooooooooh my.

dear readers,
i know, i know i suck. well were do i start? i got a new earring holder. it looks like this. i went to a alpaca farm last thursday, but look at every blog in the world and you will hear about that. oh my god,
i had the most scary nightmare ever last night! i had to go to the docter, and get "gasp" shots! and that fricken creeped me out! yesterday was my little sisters birthday, and we had a pool party. we got a two person slip and slide, a blue 3 ring pool, a one ring baby pool, 250 water ballons, and a lot of water guns. and haley says, thank you to the foleys, rae rae, the brays, the dunkens, the lawsons, the witzlers, the deraveres, and the lefebvres. ( i hope a i spelled your name right.) and a extra thanks to the lawsons for the carrot cake. well i need to go, and one again i am the most suckish blogger in the world. bye!


awmothra said...

Cool Taylor!

ps. Have you ever wanted to be in a movie?

taylor said...

yes. kind of.

Mothra Princess said...

Hey Taylor! I like peaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

taylor said...


Mothra Princess said...


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