Tuesday, September 23, 2008


dear readers,
today i went to the library and reviewed books. the one i read is called the lightning thief. and then we went to the store. and back to the library again to see casper the friendly ghost. but it was for the visually impaired. so it was like a book being read to you! so they were all, and she furrows her brow, and she smiles sheepishly!

p.s.what does :D mean?


Anonymous said...

Who is your favorite god/godesses??
mine is Athena, So Annabeth is my favorite charictor!!
I'll see you next book club!!

the future mrs. nick jonas said...

dear shannon,
I like poseidon.

Gracie said...

um :D means a big smile. just look at it sideways!

the future mrs. nick jonas said...

oh. okay thanks.

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